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Group Piano Training for Music Schools

Piano Express

On the surface, starting a new group piano program in your music school might seem like a simple task.

Pick a curriculum.

Buy your equipment.

Choose a start date.

Done! Right?

The reality is that there are many options out there…

And it isn’t always easy to know how those options align with your goals!

Piano Express Group Training

Piano Express is a group piano method and curriculum designed with mid-size and large schools in mind.

One of the features that makes it a superior option for schools with 100+ kids enrolled is the extensive teacher and owner training that is included with the system.

For the first blog post on, we decided to release the first four videos of that training.

Our owner and teacher training includes:

  • A getting started guide for implementing this new group piano method in your school
  • An overview of the learning system
  • Training for teachers for each lesson in every level of our method books
  • Observation videos from all of our classes
  • Training on how to use the technology component of the group piano method
  • Teacher guides for every level in the method

Here’s a look inside our training portal:


The following four videos are a few of the videos from our “Getting Started” section. These videos are designed primarily with the owner or a key staff member in mind:

Video 1: Training Overview (4.5 minutes)

This video gives an overview of the entire training.


Video 2: What This Will Do for Your School and Career (8.5 minutes)

This video will show you what group lessons and (in particular) what Piano Express can do for your school.


Video 3: How it Works and Decisions to Make (22 minutes)

This is a must-watch video! This shows you how the Piano Express system works from scheduling to curriculum to the technology component.


Video 4: Complete Equipment List for Piano Express (17 minutes)

This video provides a “shopping list” for setting up Piano Express in your school.



As you can see from the videos above, the Piano Express is a new type of method.

There are currently NO group piano methods in the world that are designed for large schools that offer the scheduling flexibility that Piano Express does…

And, none of them were designed with the technological component intertwined with the method itself…

Nor do they offer the kind of practice tools and teacher training that Piano Express does.

If you’d like to use Piano Express in your school or just meet with us to answer questions, simply click here to speak with someone on the team!